"Couldn't be more pleased with CA Sheepadoodles!"

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"

"Couldn't be more pleased with CA Sheepadoodles!"


We love our Sheepadoodles (yes, one just wasn't enough, so we have three!). 

They are the best tempered, smartest, most fun doggies ever and we are grateful for CA Sheepadoodles for making our family complete.  

Jill is a fantastic person who truly loves all of her fur-babies and gives them the best start ever!

  Couldn't be more pleased with CA Sheepadoodles!

"Thank you Jill!!"

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"

"Couldn't be more pleased with CA Sheepadoodles!"


We love our Sheepadoodle! Jill is amazing and her dogs are gorgeous. We got our dog about three weeks ago. He is seriously such a kind soul. We have two children who of course can’t get enough of him and I think he loves them just as much . 

Through the entire process , from when we put the deposit down, until we got our Stanley Jill was always available. She always got back to us in timely manner.

Most importantly she breeds gorgeous, kind healthy dogs. We have had a great experience with California Sheepadoodles and would highly recommend Jill.

Thank you Jill!!

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"

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I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Jill and our amazing pup. The love & care she gives her mamas is extended to each puppy in every litter.  Our Ollie came to us at 9 weeks so ready to be part of a family because Jill treats every puppy like part of her family.  

From our first contact, to answering any questions I had about taking care of a puppy after we brought Ollie home, Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively.  Things like “Sheepadoodle reunion parties” & the adorable holiday bandana Jill sent our puppy for Christmas this year make the experience of working with California Sheepadoodles even more special. 

I would recommend California Sheepadoodles (and have) to anyone who wants to know that their puppy is born into a loving family even before s/he comes to their forever home.

"It's so worth the wait!"

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"

"Jill responded quickly, kindly and informatively"


I waited a year to post my review. Not because I didn't have anything good to say, but because I have so much to say. 

Let's start with Jill. She is simply a blessing. The dedication and love she puts into these lovely animals is nothing short of amazing. It is evident in each and every puppy that finds a home. Is the wait list long? Yes, it is. Is it worth the wait? I have no words to express the feeling when it's your turn. It's so worth the wait! 

I cannot imagine my life without my Lucie Ruth. She's a wonderful companion and family member, and Jill is a huge part of that. You will not be disappointed with your decision to add to your family with a California Sheepadoodle. 

Don't hesitate. Add your name to the waitlist and add joy to your life with a California Sheepadoodle!

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"


Jill and California Sheeadoodles family are the very best breeders.  

Our dog Roger has been an amazing addition to our family.  He is a sweet, loving, smart and healthy boy! 

Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful during the puppy phase and was always there to answer our questions.  She keeps all the Socal families connected and in touch. 

By buying one of California Sheepadoodle's puppies, you not only gain an adorable puppy but you gain one big Sheepadoodle family with Mama Jill at the head.

"We’re very satisfied"

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"

"Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful"


We absolutely love Jill and her pups! Our little Ravioli has a wonderful temperament, came to us potty trained and house broken, and loves to cuddle and sleep. He’s the most well behaved and intelligent dog we’ve ever owned and we’re pretty sure it’s because of the way Jill starts them off before they leave her home! She was always available for questions and concerns and she answers almost immediately. We’re very satisfied with her and her pups and we even got to meet our pup’s parents who are also sweethearts! We’re looking forward to getting a little brother from her for our new fur baby soon! 

Thanks again Jill! ❤️🐶🐾


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"Highly, HIGHLY recommended"

If it’s a Sheepadoodle you want — and they’re pretty great! — California Sheepadoodles is the perfect place to get one. Trixie, now about 4 months old, is an absolutely wonderful dog. She’s smart, adorable, and generally delights everyone "who meets her. She’s also hilarious, in the best possible way.

Deciding to get a dog isn’t like buying jewelry at an art fair. You’re about to spend lots of money to bring home a fluffy new family member who’s going to be sitting next to you on the sofa for 15 years or so (hopefully not EATING the sofa, but that’s a whole ‘nother story...). 

It’s a big deal! You want to feel secure about the breeder you choose. Don’t worry — you will. Jill is responsive, friendly, and happy to help. She’s a very nice person. But on top of that, her integrity and professionalism really shine. She’s careful and serious about what she does, which can clearly be seen in the dogs she breeds. Jill cares passionately for her pups, for their moms and dads, and for the people who adopt them.

When Trixie came home it was immediately clear she’d been exceptionally well cared for and socialized during those first months. She had an excellent head start on potty training, so for us it was surprisingly easy when we got her home to teach her to go to her spot outside. Trixie also took to her crate right away with a minimum of fuss (another trait that impressed). She learns quickly, and she’s taken nicely to early training. Oh, QUICK ASIDE: Remember you’re getting part herding dog, which (if you don’t know) means 50% of your dog will be 100% certain she has a far better idea about what everybody should be doing than you do. Ask my old Briard.

I got to meet Trixie’s mom (Ellie), who's a wonderful, sweet, and friendly poodle we adored instantly. I’ve also met two of Jill’s other poodle moms, Colette and Paris, both equally delightful dogs. And of course there’s Bernice — the gray poodle with the fluffy head you’ve probably seen on Facebook. She likes to lurk in the back, waiting patiently for the less sophisticated animals up front to finally move out of the way. LOVE that dog.

I wasn’t able to meet Trixie’s dad, Baxter (who lives off-site), but given the way Jill runs California Sheepadoodles, I’m certain both he and Humphrey are wonderful, lovable sheepdogs. The reason I’m certain is because Trixie is obviously a dog who comes from really good breeding. 

 Which is just what you want from your breeder.

Highly, HIGHLY recommended (if somehow that wasn’t abundantly clear by now). Thanks, Jill. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing us again.

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