how to prepare for your new bundle of love


You are on the waitlist, now what?

Start preparing by getting educated, especially if you have not had a puppy in awhile.  Puppies are a big responsibility and being prepared will make it a wonderful experience and many years of joy!  A dear friend who has bred for many years suggests the book, “The Art of Raising a Puppy”  By Monks of New Skete.

Start researching trainers and puppy schools,  The best scenario for yourself and your new puppy is to hire a trainer to come to your home the first several weeks. 

What will you need?

Your puppy will have a head start on potty training as they learn how to use a doggie door to go out and do their business at 5 weeks.  Crates are wonderful for training.  If you plan on using a crate when your pup is grown, then get an extra large with a divider and if just during training, then medium should do.

Your puppy has been eating Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, Lamb and Rice and if you can, I would continue using it at least for a couple months.  You can find it on, Amazon and at a Tractor Supply.  I would also only use the training treats that will go home with your puppy, Zuke's minis.  You puppy's tummy is still developing and sensitive to new things, I would not introduce any new food or treats for awhile.  

Medium beds with the backs are great, as they love to snuggle up against them and of course you will have to get bigger ones as they grow.

Chewing will happen as they come with baby teeth, antlers and nyla bones and other synthetic chew toys are great.  Absolutely no raw hide products or bully sticks unsupervised as they can choke on them.  

Your  puppy  is  handled  and  brushed  weekly  and  will  have  his/her  first  bath and  nail trim before  he/she  goes  home.  I  use  "Fresh  and  Clean"  shampoo,  short  pin  slicker  brush  and  household  blow  dryer   while  young.    Your  puppy’s  coat  will  change  around a  year  and  it  will  become more  dense  as  an  adult.    You  will  want  to  use  a  long  pin  slicker  brush  daily  and  a  de-matting  comb  for  mats If  you  want  to  keep  their  coat  long.

What will go home with my new puppy?

Your puppy will go home with a blanket that will be with them at 4 weeks, a toy, travel water bowl, collar, leash, puppy food, training treats and health record.  You will want to purchase a harness for training.  I use an "Easy Walk Harness" for our dogs.

Your puppy will be eating Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy.  If you are wanting to switch, you will want to wean them off of the one I send and make sure the new food is for a large breed puppy.  They have been free eating with their littermates. 

You  will  want  to  bring  a  towel  just  incase  your  puppy  gets  carsick if  driving  home.    They  will  be  nervous  and  it  can  sometimes  upset  their  tummies.

What to expect

When you arrive to pick up your puppy, it will be their first time out of their nursery, away from their litter mates and the only home they have ever known.  You will be new, the car ride will be new and so will their new living situation.  Your puppy may cry the first few nights, but will adjust to their new home quickly. 


Training needs to begin as soon as you pick up your puppy as they are very smart and willing to learn.  Puppies play with their littermates by jumping, wrestling and lots of biting, your job as a new puppy owner is to redirect those habits immediately and teach them that it is not okay to do that to humans.  We do begin some of that training, but you will need to continue it.  

The ideal situation is to hire a trainer to come into your home the first few weeks and then continue training at puppy school.  If you are needing suggestions of trainers or schools in your area, you are welcome to ask that question on my Facebook page.

We humans are gigantic to puppies and we want to let them know that we are there to love them and care for their needs.  When training a puppy, you never want to scare or startle them, we must be gentle, but very firm and consistent in training.  The biggest mistake some families make is that they let the puppy rule them and allow the jumping and mouthing.  When nipping, I hold their little mouths firmly, but gently shut and say no bite and then lots of loving and good puppy.  You will do the same with jumping, hold them down and say no jump and then again, lots of reinforcement.

Recommended Training Facilities by Sheepadoodle Famiiles:

-  "My Clever Canine" - Dixon, CA  (707) 999-8389

-  "Folsom Dog Resort" - Folsom, CA  (916) 439-7202

-  "SF Puppy Prep" - San Francsico, CA  (415) 618-0828

- "The Educated Pet" - San Diego, CA  (619) 466-5098

- "Beckman's Dog Training" - Ramona, CA  (760) 440-5025


Keep your puppy safe

By the time you pick up your puppy, they will have had been dewormed at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 weeks and have the first of the 3 puppy shots.  Your puppy will not be protected from the parvoviruses and will be susceptible until they receive the full round of shots.  Do not take your puppy to dog parks and other places that are high dog trafficked areas.  Parvo is spread through dog feces and can be on the ground.  


Once you receive a puppy from us, you are always a part of the California Sheepadoodle family!  We have 2 reunions every year, one here in Nor Cal and then we travel to So Cal to see our Sheepie family there to.  The So Cal reunion is aways the first weekend of October and the Nor Cal reunion is the last weekend of October.  I am just a call or text away and will always be availble to answer any questions.  I love to stay in touch with our families and look forward to add you and yours to our lives too!