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Our Guardian Home Program allows local families to have a top quality puppy.

the pacheco family



We originally were on the list for a sheepadoodle.  During that waiting time, Jill was amazing with questions I had.  When Jill posted about a need for a guardian for Chloe, I immediately fell in love with her. 


We are blessed to be the guardians of Chloe & Charlotte.

Jill was so incredibly helpful and answered all my questions.  Anytime I have had questions or concerns, Jill is so quick to respond.  When it was time for Chloe to have her first litter, Jill was so comforting despite our fears of not having Chloe for some time.  It was so clearly evident the amount of love she provides for the puppies as well as the mommas. 



Charlotte is our second guardian dog from Jill and she is so full of spunk and adventure.  Both of the girls get along so well, adjusted to our house immediately and have been so much fun to have.  Every time we take either or both out, we have constant compliments on how beautiful the girls are.  I can’t imagine having a dog from anyone else but Jill and certain we will be going to Jill for any future dogs.


Water’s family

Best Friends Forever ❤️


We are a guardian family for California Sheepadoodles. We’ve had the most wonderful experience with Jill and one of her sheepadoodles, Belle. We have enjoyed having her as part of our family of 7 (8 including her 🐶) for 2 years now.  

Belle is so amazing with our now 5 children!


Since the beginning, Jill has been incredible. She has been a wealth of knowledge and support. If we ever have a trip planned, and are unable to take Belle, she’s always happy to board her for us while we are gone. And I feel wonderful knowing she is in such loving hands at at Jill’s. She truly loves these pups, and it shows!

Paige Waters