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In 2017 I had a wonderful lady contact me about a puppy who would go to work with her as a therapy dog. Dr. Sandra Wilson founded Family Dynamics with the intention of helping to reduce child maltreatment and enhance parent and child relationships. Her specialty areas are in treating family disruption, mental illness, eating disorders and emotional trauma. 

When I learned that the puppy would work alongside of Sandra as a therapist for children that have experienced traumatic family situations, I knew I wanted to be a part of what she does.  We donated "Hero" and now Hero is, what some children call their "therapist".  Hero is naturally sensitive to the children and she brings such comfort and peace as they walk through their healing.  She knows when they are afraid and will slowly and vey gently lay her head on their lap and begin to crawl up on them and give them a hug.

Children adore her while she calmly sits and let them color her.  

The trauma kids tell their stories while they color her with hair chalk.  On little girl asked if she could spend the night as it was the calmest since the traumatic experience. 



This precious pup was donated to a young lady who has cancer.  She spends a lot of her time in the hospital during her treatments.  Faith will get to join her in the hospital once her training is complete.  

When I heard her moms desire to buy her daughter a puppy for her 18th birthday and she began to tell her story, I knew that I needed to gift a puppy to them.  This family has adopted children who have not had a very fair start in life and they have given them a very loving environment where they can thrive and receive the unconditional love that they deserve.  


How Can You Get Involved?

Camp HOPE America  is a great partnership for Family Dynamics and we are excited to invest in Shasta County youth that have been exposed to trauma and abuse. 

This summer Shasta County youth (ages 7 to 17) will travel to Mt. Hermon’s Kidder Creek Ranch Camp in Siskiyou County.  This camp is part of Camp HOPE America, which is the first nationwide camping and mentoring initiative in the United States to focus on children exposed to domestic violence.  Through Family Dynamics, Shasta County youth will join more than 1,500 children from across the country as Camp HOPE America has expanded to 14 states. Camp HOPE America grew out of the vision and work of the San Diego Family Justice Center, the Family Justice Center Alliance (, and Alliance for HOPE International (  The vision for Camp HOPE America is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to children who have witnessed family violence.  Camp HOPE America provides weeklong camping experiences for children at no cost to them or their families.

Summer of 2019 they hope to send 71 children to Camp Hope and are looking for your support to make this happen.

To donate to Camp HOPE America – California, Shasta please call Patty Price at 530-242-9007 or click here! 

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Feather River men’s center


The Feather River Men's Center is a chance for those men who want freedom from life controlling addiction. Founded since 1991, the program seeks to help men regain control of their behavior by helping them recognize their unproductive patterns in life and encourage them to seek new solutions to the problems and difficulties that life can bring.

Our mission is to carry out God's will by loving the broken. By doing so, we are able to lead men to a relationship with Christ. When one knows Christ, all things are possible. It is then that addictions are conquered, lives are restored and families are reunited!

“I believe the program works because God is involved in the healing process. The Feather River Men’s Center provides a holistic approach that not only helps men overcome addictions, but also brings healing and restoration to their families.
— Steve Durfor, Yuba County Sheriff

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Men’s  lives  are  not  only restored,  but  their families too!